Monday, March 10, 2008


Essential Ingredients to Good Health! Love, Life & Laughter - Sounds wonderful doesn't it?Have you ever really thought about the true meaning of each of these valuable words; in your words only; solely relating to you.Let us exam "Love" first. I believe, and you would probably have to agree, you can't have Life and Laughter successfully without the most important "Love".To Love is to be Loved first. You know the saying "Love, love your brother, as much as you love yourself". Well it is true. If you don't LIKE who you are, which really is a stronger verb than LOVE then you really have less chance of liking or loving someone else very much at all.

So how do we do this 'LOVE YOURSELF' or 'LIKE YOURSELF' thing successfully.First and foremost you must make sure the relationship you have with yourself is unconditional. Don't BEAT yourself up over small insignificant things. None of us are perfect - all of us have faults, just some more than others. We must learn to accept every aspect of "ME" (YOU) - every simple tiny detail. We don't necessarily have to like everything, as that allows room for a CHANGE - IMPROVEMENT even. That's a good thing; a Healthy Thing."Love doesn't erase the past, but it makes the future different." as quoted by Gary Chapman in THE FIVE LOVE LANGUAGES. Therefore be open to the fact that you will perform acts you utterly dislike about yourself and regret will be a major possibility, but if you recognise these acts and forgive yourself of them, then you will be able to move forward, thus making your future different. We must Learn from our Mistakes and make every mistake benefit our future. Don't waste mistakes with regret - prosper with excitement of a lesson learnt improving everything in your path for tomorrow. Life really is an amazing adventure and if we look at every moment of it with excitement, even in the tough times, we will succeed.So accept yourself unconditionally, love yourself unconditionally, & enjoy your life unconditionally. This brings me to the next point.'LIFE' - Fun, Disaster, enjoyment, disappointment, laughter etc. etc. As different a life each one of us has from the other, we all experience many different angles to many different situations. How we deal with those completely satisfying or disastrous situations is the crucial point to the destiny of our "LIFE"!A positive outlook on a negative situation can only make the unwanted, hard to deal with situation, much easier to resolve, not to mention, live through. A positive outlook on a positive situation can only enhance the outcome by 150% at least. Both situations end up with a much better 'MOVE FORWARD WITH A SMILE OF CONTENTMENT' outlook on Life.Which leads me to the next paragraph "LAUGHTER". This, I believe, is the Cream on Top of the whole recipe to Good Health; the essential ingredient that sits up high oozing down through all the above, flavouring, sweetening and softening all to a totally, healthy blissful life!Laughter is the medicine that makes a healing power totally possible. The old saying 'It takes more effort to Smile than to Frown' only enhances the fact that a wiser person is a happier person. If you have the energy and willpower to smile and laugh through the most difficult and life stretching moments, you have the very recipe for great wisdom, strength, positive ingenuity, and a total understanding of the meaning of LOVE, LIFE & LAUGHTER!Take all of the above and gulp it, swallow it and completely digest it into a healthy love and life stream, which will only result in complete satisfaction of your heart. Try the Special Recipe of Life - it really does work!

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