Friday, March 28, 2008

More on Your Immune System

Hi again - how was your last few days - are you keeping up with the new lifestyle? It's just a matter of making a dedicated commitment for the betterment of your life and those around you. The following are some simple ideas on how to slightly change food additives for a better outcome.

1. Instead of bought processed salad dressings ... combine lime juice with olive oil. Make it fresh every time or just poor a good quality (no need to spend much) coldpressed olive oil over your salad.

2. Don't use ordinary white salt - rock sale is fine or even better - vege salt. You can buy it at the supermarket. It's very nice too.

3. Take a note of all processed food and start to replace the packaged stuff with fresh. I am off to the early morning farmer's markets tomorrow with my daughter, grandchildren and husband and we thoroughly enjoy it. What we are noticing ... not only are prices a third at least cheaper but the food lasts for the whole fortnight in between markets. It is all locally grown and very fresh and yummy.

4. Don't cook your veges so much. We eat a majority of salad but you can dress it up a bit - one thing I do is peel sweet potato and quick fry in olive oil until it curls up and then leave to dry and crisp up - sweet potato crisps. these are yummy over the top of your salad or just eat them as a snack.

5. Nuts are so good for you so sprinkle them where you can, or pinenuts are good too. Almonds are great nutritionally as well as many other varieties of nuts. Ask your fresh food professionals for advice on what is available fresh in your local area and go from there.

6. Finely chop red onion and sprinkle over salad - it gives it a great flavour and is great for the blood.

7. Legumes, alfalfa, bean sprouts etc are not only delicious but good for you - sprinkle over the salad.

8. Make the salad the main part of the meal on the plate, by covering the plate and then adding a small portion of meat if desired on top.

9. Mushrooms cut up or quick fried with onions and garlic are lovely to add to salad too and are a great anti-cancer food.

10. I love to buy a fresh danish fetta cheese and crumble over the salad. This adds a great flavour and looks very pretty !!! ???

11. Cherry tomatoes are yummy and nutritious and can be cut in half and look great on a salad platter. Top it off with watercress and you are done and ready for a yummy, very nutitional meal.



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